What’s more popular right now in the health and wellness community than CBD? Nothing – and rightfully so, CBD oil (and other CBD products) is a total game-changer. CBD is completely safe, federally legal, and comes in many forms ranging from oil that can be taken orally, all the way to colorful gummy bears and everything virtually everything in between.

How is CBD Different than Marijuana?

Before we dive into the numerous positive effects of CBD and why you should be using it daily, it’s helpful to understand what exactly CBD oil is and how it differs from marijuana.

Marijuana is probably the most infamous strain of cannabis and contains up to 30% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the psychoactive chemical compound responsible for giving users a high. Marijuana is typically smoked through several methods or consumed in edibles. Although marijuana is illegal in some states, the side effects of smoking weed are low and it is not an addictive drug.

CBD oil also comes from the cannabis plant but doesn’t contain any THC, so it won’t induce a “high” feeling and it can be used by everyone including minors, seniors, elite-level athletes, and even pets.

CBD has been used to treat minor injuries, reduce inflammation in those suffering from arthritis, battle anxiety, and depression, promote more restful sleep, suppress epileptic seizures, and enhance cognitive function; all without any of the harmful side effects typically associated with THC.

CBD Can Help with Anxiety and Depression

It shouldn’t come as news that the United States and many other countries around the world are facing a mental health crisis among children, teens, and adults. We live in an age where we are encouraged to have the next great ‘thing’ or take the next big vacation, and if we’re not doing it than someone else is and they must have a better life than us, or at least that’s what Instagram tells us.

But this isn’t a healthy way to live and constantly comparing ourselves or our lives creates anxiety.

Anxiety can come in many different forms. It can form as a result of demands at work, recent health problems that have arisen unexpectedly, things going on in the lives of your children, or just about anything else in your life that causes to experience apprehension. Anxiety can take a tremendous toll on the mind and ultimately lead to depression if left untreated, but CBD oil can help. In recent studies, CBD oil has been shown to alleviate symptoms commonly associated with social anxiety and other forms of anxiety such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While the research is still in its infancy, the calming effects of CBD oil are undeniable. If you are struggling with finding peace in your daily routine, try taking a couple of drops of CBD oil to center yourself and calm your anxiety.

CBD May Help You Sleep Better

Insomnia, tied closely with anxiety, is the byproduct of a brain that just doesn’t know when to shut off. After a long day, it may seem almost routine to have trouble falling asleep because your brain is rehashing events that occurred that day or you’re anxious about things you have planned the next day. Turning off your brain and blissfully drifting off to sleep may not be as simple as turning off your bedroom light before hopping into bed.

CBD can help ease your mind and your body just before falling asleep.

But CBD will also help you stay asleep longer by controlling your REM sleep. A study that examined patients suffering from RBD or REM sleep behavior disorder, found that the addition of CBD before sleep had a significant impact on their movement during sleep which leads to deeper rest and less of that groggy feeling when waking up in the morning.

CBD Can Reduce Inflammation

Throughout the years you’ve probably accumulated some sort of inflammation in your joints and muscles; whether it’s from being a competitive athlete or just from normal wear and tear; your body has developed some level of swelling that is dying to be eased.

Studies have shown that taking some form of CBD has reduced inflammation in average adults and even those individuals suffering from arthritis. Another form of CBD, lotion or balm, can be applied to strained or sore muscles to help reduce pain and swelling.

To take full advantage of CBD’s healing properties take a couple of drops of CBD oil in the morning or apply CBD lotion to any areas of your body that you have nagging injuries or chronic pain such as hands, wrists, knees, elbows, or other overused joints.

CBD May be Linked to Fighting Cancer-like Symptoms

Unfortunately, CBD is not a cure for cancer. But several studies have linked CBD usage to lower levels of cancer in humans and pet subjects. One study found that the effects of CBD may have a significant effect on symptoms related to bladder cancer. The study was not conclusive but because CBD can be directly ingested or consumed through other ways that don’t involve inhalation, it doesn’t expose users to the same carcinogens found with medical marijuana patients.

CBD Can Promote Long-Term Brain Health

We’ve only got one brain and it’s vital to your cognitive function to keep learning new things to avoid long-term memory loss and hold off declined brain activity. As you grow older, you’re less challenged to learn new things that don’t force the brain to generate new brain cells to maintain a high functioning mind. You’re not getting dumber, you’re just being tested less intellectually so the brain doesn’t feel obligated to perform at its highest capacity. This leads to memory loss which can develop into a form of dementia known as Alzheimer’s disease.

However, recent studies have shown that supplementing with CBD can counteract the symptoms in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to adapt and learn that allows for memory build-up — has been shown to increase within subjects who’ve consumed CBD. These studies are very promising because although they require further research and tests to become conclusive, they show how CBD can ward off the effects of some cognitive degeneration-related diseases.


CBD alone is changing lives for the better and flipping the health and wellness industry on its head. CBD oil and the various other forms of CBD may not be the end all be all of physical and mental pain relief remedies, but with the extreme rise in popularity of CBD expect more conclusive studies to emerge about the incredible benefits associated with daily CBD use.


Peter is a cannabis enthusiast who dedicated a large portion of his life to hands-on experience with the pleasures of such a simple thing as a weed.