Struggling with arthritis and the pain it’s associated with is disheartening. That is true, especially going by the fact that most pharmaceutical drugs don’t seem to offer long-lasting solutions.

However, the cannabis plant has a sight to behold. Proponent pieces of studies show that one of its chemical compounds – Cannabidiol (CBD) offers relief against arthritis pain.

Research that CBD oil for arthritis works

A study done in July 2016 shows that Cannabidiol can help in reducing inflammation and pain in rat model arthritis. They concluded that the topical application of CBD on the affected part gives relief against arthritis pain without manifestations of side effects.

Another study conducted by PubMed in December 2017 shows that CBD helps in preventing pain in rat osteoarthritis. Well, it’s easy to replicate the same results to humans, simply because all mammals have the endocannabinoid system. It is, nonetheless, worth mentioning that there are minimal pieces of research on humans that CBD oil alleviates arthritis and its associated symptoms.

How to use CBD oil for arthritis

Innovativeness across most CBD oil manufacturers sees to it that most of them tweak oil from Cannabidiol to necessitate relief against arthritis. One such scenario is whereby there is CBD cream for arthritis pain. So, let’s say you are suffering from ankle arthritis pain. What you typically do is that you apply the CBD cream as you would when using a body lotion. 

The best way to use CBD oil for arthritis is by applying it topically on the inflamed joints or any other part affected by arthritis.

How much CBD oil to take for arthritis

There is a rampant query among most beginner CBD oil users – the right CBD oil dosage for alleviating arthritis. However, it’s relatively hard to come up with a similar prescription for every sufferer. 

Some factors that help in determining the quantity of CBD oil for arthritis comprise:

  • Age
  • Metabolism rate
  • Gender   
  • The severity of the condition

The first point to note before starting the CBD oil journey for solving arthritis conditions is getting in touch with a professional health officer. That way, they can help in determining the right dosage to use and that which can guarantee fast and more effective results.  

Secondly, a doctor is in a position to assess if the severity of the condition, the amount, and the best way to take the CBD oil to combat arthritis pain. For example, they can recommend that you should apply exclusive CBD oil directly to the affected part as opposed to using the oil in the form of cream or ointment.

What is the best CBD oil for arthritis?

If you are wondering about which CBD oil is the best for arthritis, then the end of the search is here. Before delving much into the same, let’s have a glance on…

Types of CBD oil

CBD oil comes in different forms. These include:

  • CBD oil isolate
    CBD oil isolate is that which harbors pure CBD without traces of any other chemical compounds of cannabis. Most researchers say that its purity is more than 99%. That is to mean, for every gram of CBD oil, there are 99 milligrams of CBD.
  • CBD oil full-spectrum
    As its name suggests, CBD oil full-spectrum harbors every component of the cannabis plant. That is all chemical compounds, including Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that gets the user high. It also harbors the tastes and aromas of the cannabis strain from which the CBD oil got extracted from.
  • CBD oil broad-spectrum
    CBD oil broad-spectrum is somewhat similar to CBD oil-full spectrum. The significant difference that sets them apart is that this type of oil lacks THC.

Now, when it comes to the best CBD oil for arthritis, it is that which has the most anti-inflammatory properties. That said, CBD oil isolate or even CBD oil broad-spectrum can be the best deal. 

The fact that you don’t have to take CBD oil orally to solve arthritis or its pain means that you don’t need to feel the aroma, taste, or the high associated with THC, literally.

Is CBD oil for arthritis safe?

There is no point for concern at all when it comes to using CBD oil, at least, according to the World Health Organization. However, depending on how your body perceives the introduction of CBD oil, some side effects may arise but disappear with time.

In general, CBD oil for arthritis is safe and doesn’t introduce feelings of addiction.


Peter is a cannabis enthusiast who dedicated a large portion of his life to hands-on experience with the pleasures of such a simple thing as a weed.