Anxiety is a healthy emotional state that virtually everyone feels at a point in time. Sometimes, we may be anxious when going for an interview, on a date, or when one has a test or an exam. However, anxiety disorder is quite different from the common anxiety feelings we experience. When one has an anxiety disorder, such an individual can be deprived of his or her healthy life. When affected by an anxiety disorder, one goes through mental stress at almost every time, alongside feelings such as unnecessary worries, and fear. Chest pains and fast heartbeats also characterize anxiety disorders. While anxiety disorders affect about 40 million adults in the United States, it is estimated that the figure would increase by at least 15% over the next five years. 

The common types of anxiety disorders include:

Social anxiety disorder – Worries and excessive consciousness characterize this type of anxiety disorder. Such individuals become unnecessarily conscious, get scared of being ridiculed or embarrassed in public or among a group of people. Some also feel nervous and are highly tensed in social activities.

Panic disorder – For individuals with this type of disorder, they feel scared, nervous, and have heavy heartbeats. These panic attacks occur when patients are anxious about an event. In fact, in some cases, individuals suffering from the disorder may feel like they are choking or heart attacks.

Specific phobia – Here is another common disorder in which individuals feel uncomfortable or are afraid of an environment or object. Cases such as the fear of water, fire, heights, people, or a tribe are the most common. 

Symptoms of anxiety disorders are dry mouth, dizziness, tense muscles, shortness of breaths, sweaty feet, not being calm, inability to sleep, among others.

The primary cause of the disorder has not been fully established; many researchers have attributed it to brain changes, environmental stress, and genetics. Meanwhile, it is also established that CBD oil is useful in treating anxiety as it helps in reducing the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

CBD oil for anxiety disorder

The use of CBD oil in curing anxiety has been proven to be very useful. Although there has been an ongoing debate around CBD oil and its impact on anxiety. Some individuals have argued that the consumption of marijuana or cannabis increases individuals’ susceptibility to anxiety. However, a counterparty argued against that, claiming that cannabis oil has a significant impact on the reduction of anxiety symptoms in humans. As a result, specific research studies conducted on the effect of cannabis oil in the treatment of anxiety, and the results proved decisive. 

In 2010, a research study was conducted, with a focus on individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). The participants’ brains were scanned to show the blood flow to the part of the brain responsible for anxiety feelings. The brain scan showed that the participants who took CBD oil had a reduction in anxiety feelings.

Another study in 2015 proved that CBD oil is very efficient in treating anxiety. The result of the research study showed that all the symptoms of anxiety disorders reduced. Participants that had different disorders (social anxiety disorder, compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, among others) recorded improvement in their wellness after taking CBD oil. 

How many CBD oil can I take to cure anxiety?

The right dosage (amount of CBD oil that should be taken) for curing anxiety varies among individuals, based on their body weight, personal body chemistry. More importantly, the chemical composition of the capsule or pills in terms of the proportion of CBD oil matters as well.

Hence, it is recommended that one should speak to a medical practitioner before using CBD oil for any medical purpose, especially when the disorder is more complicated such as seizures or convulsion. However, the following information is a useful guide for you as it provides relevant information regarding the right dosage for using CBD oil as a cure for anxiety.

In the absence of recommendations from a medical practitioner, it is advised that one should start with a smaller dosage of CBD oil. One can start with 20 to 40mg in a day. Then, one can increase the dosage by 5mg every week until there is a noticeable change or reduction in the symptoms of anxiety disorder. For example, one can start with 30mg at first; if the symptoms persist after the first week, you can increase it to 35mg. After a week, if the symptoms are still there, you can consider increasing it by 5mg until you see a noticeable change.

During this period, it is advised that one should keep records of the dosage to ensure you capture the right dosage for your body system. You can add the information to your health calendar or note it in a notepad or phone. 

How much CBD oil should I take?

Calculating the right dosage of CBD oil is quite easy, as many of the CBD oil bottles come with information about the concentration of CBD oil in each drop. With that, it is easy to know the number of drops you can take without necessary taking too much of the oil. This calculation, however, requires basic mathematical knowledge. 

Most of the CBD oil bottles only give the total composition of CBD in the whole bottle. Hence, getting the amount of CBD in a drop requires multiplying the total amount of CBD in the whole bottle by 0.05ml (A single drop of CBD oil is 0.05ml). For example, if a bottle contains 500ml of CBD, it implies that a single drop contains (0.05*500), which is 25ml. CBD oil can also be taken at any time during the day, although with optimal caution, as there are no side effects for the use of CBD oil. It can also be taken every day until you notice a significant reduction in the symptoms of anxiety disorder.


While the information provided in this article is detailed and targeted at educating individuals about the use of CBD oil to tackle issues on anxiety disorder, we can discuss other things further. Hence, it is highly recommended that readers should reach out to medical practitioners for details on the critical roles that CBD oil plays in the treatment of anxiety disorder. However, we are always excited when guiding individuals on CBD oil. Hence, we are always glad to discuss with you for further information on CBD oil and its use. 


Peter is a cannabis enthusiast who dedicated a large portion of his life to hands-on experience with the pleasures of such a simple thing as a weed.