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What can be better at inducing sleep than a healthy dose of CBD and melatonin in the same product? This unique formulation (meladol) banks on the sleep-inducing activities of CBD and melatonin to produce the best soothing effects, you can hardly obtain from other pharmaceutical sleep aids. As a liposomal liquid formula, melado allows the active ingredient to penetrate deep into body tissues and promote a more structured and restful sleep.



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Product Review

Meladol CBD supplement review

Cibdol is one of the few companies known for the production of top-grade, highly researched, and legal CBD products. The meladol CBD supplement is not an exception to this age-long status attained by Cibdol. It is a CBD product manufactured purposes for inducing a healthy sleep cycle by tapping into the benefits of melatonin (a hormone) and CBD. This formula allows for the active and deep penetration of CBD into the tissues to promote a well-structured and healthy sleep for users. Meladol, unlike the commonly utilized sleep inducing products in the market, also features a combination of other natural ingredients like terpenes to inhibit the symptoms of stress and sleep deprivation triggered by blue light. The product comes in a 30ml transparent bottle with over 600 servings.

What we discovered from the lab result

Although the lab report posted by the company had limited information concerning the product identity, it was clear that the product was formulated from the best combination of cannabinoids, melatonin, and terpenes. Information gathered from the product description shows that the company utilized Water, SOY lecithin, glycerol, ethanol (2.3 vol. %), hemp extract (2.5 mg/ 1ml), Potassium sorbate, melatonin (1.5 mg/ 1ml), vitamin B6, terpenes, and vitamin E as the major ingredients.

Other information obtained from the High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) revealed the cannabinoid profile to contain CBD, THC, CBN, and CBC. Although the report was silent on the approximate CBD-to-THC ratio, it could be inferred from the report that the product contains 2.5:0.3 of CBD to THC, hence the reason for its sleep-inducing properties. The lab report was, however, silent on the tested values for heavy metals and microbiological parameters. Cibdol is very popular for the production of top-rated CBD products, and meladol is just a confirmation of how they have maintained this standard over the years.

As a liposomal formula, meladol allows the highest concentration of CBD to reach cells and tissues, thus producing the best effective results for sleep-related disorders. This is because liposomes carry active ingredients past the membranes into areas that can strongly benefit from them.

First experience

As observed from other CBD products manufactured by Cibdol, meladol comes in a transparent bottle with some inscriptions on how to use the product and important things to note about the product. The bottle comes with a dropper cap for easy administration and dosing. The product is neatly packaged in a box with information concerning the product identity, direction for use, CBD concentration, dosage, and ingredients. The bottle contains 30ml of the CBD supplement, which can be broken down to over 600 servings. The product should be discarded two months after first use since the constant opening, and closing of the bottle can deal a great blow on the product’s quality.

Meladol is a full spectrum, THC free CBD product with some concentrations of melatonin for increased sleep-inducing activities. Although the producers were also silent on the method of extraction, it is clear that the CBD was extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction since it produced a better yield of THC free, full-spectrum CBD oils. Meladol is gluten-free and is suitable for use among adults (16 years and above). According to the product information on the product packaging, people who are allergic to soy are advised to stay away from the product to avoid triggering an allergic reaction in their system.

The product is light brown and should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place to avoid tampering with its integrity. Its fluid nature makes it easy to flow down the dropper without getting stuck or reducing the intended dosage.

How it tasted and how to use it

Although the product color looks quite unusual,  all thanks to the presence of melatonin and soy used in the product, it is clear that CIbdol meladol is one of the best full-spectrum CBD products you can find in the market. While dosing the product, it is recommended that you take 1 x 1ml 15 minutes before sleep. Dose directly into the mouth or in a glass of water or juice. This aids the release of the CBD and melatonin into the bloodstream for the best activity. As a liposomal supplement, the product can easily diffuse into the body cells for the best effects. The product does not taste bad, but if you don’t like how it tastes, you can add some smoothie to make it taste better.

For our first time use, we decided to administer the product as prescribed by the producers, and we were wowed by the outcome. The user felt a rush of energy and relaxation 15 minutes after administering the product. As a nighttime CBD product, Cibdol meladol is great for boosting creativity and sleep.

Sleep and creativity

Rest and sleep tend to play key roles in human development. They determine how our body responds to stress and pains. The combination of melatonin and CBD creates a perfect remedy for all sleep-related disorders. Meladol also performed excellently in pain relief. On this note, we strongly recommend the use of meladol for sleep-related disorders and pain relief.

General overview

Meladol offers users with one of the best sleep-inducing effects of CBD backed by the activities of melatonin. After reviewing the customer testimonials and other important facts about the product, we are confident that it is great for every adult who is interested in improving their sleep and level of creativity. Apart from the allergies associated with soy (an ingredient in the CBD product), it is pertinent to note that this product does not produce any adverse side effects on adult users.

Overall value

Cibdol Meladol provides users with one of the most effective ways to stay fit and improve their sleep cycle. The product is highly affordable and can be used without any adverse side effects. The product is worth every penny you are paying for it.

Cibdol Meladol CBD In Summary

  • CO₂-extracted CBD
  • Contains CBD and melatonin
  • 100% Organic; NO herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used
AUTHOR Peter Kovac
PUBLISHED December 4, 2019
LAST UPDATE January 21, 2020