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CBDPure Hemp oil has been carefully formulated for those who are keen on productive health and wellness. The product contains 300, 600 or 1000 mg of pure CBD oil and can deliver up to 10, 20 or 30 mg of CBD per serving. It is organically produced and 100% natural.

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CBDPure 300 mg, 600 mg, 1000 mg Hemp Oil Review

First launched in 2016, CBDPure has since risen to become the leading supplier of CBD oil in the world. Based on the testimonials and positive acclaim from its customers, we can see that the assertion might be correct.

The companies grow their strain of cannabis in Colorado, organically, without added chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. To ensure that every product is safe and clean, CBDPure makes sure that samples of each batch of their products thoroughly undergo testing in an external laboratory. Also, they ensure that the result is available to the public, that is if you wish to access it.

CBDPure is a foremost manufacturer and distributor of top-quality CBD-hemp oil. The company is notable for adhering to the best manufacturing guidelines and quality control standards, making sure their products are of the best quality.

All the oil produced by CBDPure contains less than 0.3% of THC, and so, it can’t cause any psychotropic effects; this implies that you can’t get “high “if you consume the product.

Founded by its umbrella company called Nutra Pure LLC, CBDPure operates from Washington, Canada, and Colorado. Their flagship product, CBDpure hemp oil, was created to improve the overall health of its customers.

The company carefully selects its hemp strain with high CBD contents. Another notable fact from the brand is all their oils have accreditation and certificate of analysis from SClabs, which signifies that their products can be trusted and are of top quality. Also, not to forget that they are a single-product company, which they keenly ensure is of the highest quality.

CBD Pure Hemp oil

As stated earlier, the hemp oil is the only CBD related product that CBDpure sell (besides its CBD softgel). The oil comes in a blue bottle with a dropper; also, you can get the oil in softgel if you prefer High-doses from a single serving.

What can CBDPure Hemp oil treat

Over time, the efficacy of the product has increased its popularity through word of mouth. However, on the company’s website, there are a lot of success stories from customers who have benefitted in one way or the other just by using the product.

The emphasis is on personal health and mental wellbeing. CBDPure is perfect for anyone who experiences depression, anxiety, stress, and even extreme cases such as PTSD. It can also help patients who suffer from chronic pain and insomnia.

Furthermore, CBDPure Hemp oil is known to relax the body by stabilizing the endocannabinoid system, enhancing cardiovascular function, and promote general health in general.

Multiple Concentrations

It should be noted that CBD pure hemp oil comes in 3 concentrations, 300, 600 and 1000 mg.

The 300 mg is suited for those trying out CBD for the first time, releasing mild doses of at a time. Containing approximately 10 mg of CBD per serving, CBDpure 300 is perfect for mild cases of inflammation, headaches, and chronic pain.

While the 600mg is suitable if you want to deal with chronic pain and anxiety, CBDpure Hemp Oil 600 contains 20 mg of CBD per serving.

The strongest of the variant, CBDpure Hemp oil 1000, contains a hard punch of about 33 mg of CBD per serving and is suitable for all chronic pain management, insomnia, PTSD, inflammation, etc. and is the most concentrated variant of the three brands.

CBDPure Hemp oil is purely organic and free from artificial additives, which can be threatening to your health and overall wellbeing.

First Glance

The color of CBDpure Hemp oil is golden-yellow, which is a standard color for hemp oil extracted with CO2 extraction and is one way to check the authenticity of the product purchased.

Inferior methods of extraction will always result in low-quality standard oil. The CO2 extraction method is a modern way of extracting cannabidiol oil. The process doesn’t require chemicals and is environmentally safe, creating only top quality, impurity-free cannabidiol oil. CBD extracted using CO2 is free from harmful heavy chemicals like butane particles that occur with petroleum-based solvents. As opposed to solvent extraction, the CO2 extraction process is the safest and preferred way to extract pure unadulterated CBD oil.

External Lab Certification

CBDPure is a reputable company, creating a transparent process visible to its consumers and competitors, one way it does that is by using a third-party laboratory to test the quality of its CBD product, in which SC labs is the chosen agent. To bolster its transparent process to all, it also has the result accessible on its official website.

How to Buy CBDpure

CBDPure can be purchased from its official website. However, you should note that they do not ship internationally, and to some states in the US like Indiana, Arkansas, and Kentucky, be sure to inquire if the company ships to your location before you place an order.

As mentioned above, the company does offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you find the product unworthy, which means CBDpure places a high priority on its customers. So, if you fail to derive the anticipated result from the product, you can return your order provided, it is within the 90 day window period.


In general, we are convinced that CBDPure is out to sell top-quality CBD Hemp oil and is committed to the positive wellbeing of its consumers. Its Hemp oil is proof of this commitment, as it is among the top hemp oil in the market today. As always, we recommend you start with light doses and work your way up with a six-month supply.

Product Summary

  • Provides about 10 mg, 20 mg or 33 mg of CBD per daily serving
  • Contains 300, 600 or 1000 mg of CBD & less than 0.3% THC by weight per bottle
  • Natural and organic hemp oil
  • Natural hemp flavor
  • Money-Back Guarantee within 90 days of purchase
AUTHOR Peter Kovac
PUBLISHED December 9, 2019
LAST UPDATE February 18, 2020