Cibdol Black Cumin Seed CBD Oil 3%


The versatile black cumin seed oil is an extract of the plant known as Nigella Sativa. The careful addition of this oil to the Cibdol’s high-grade CBD will result in a 3% CBD oil which utilizes the great lineaments of the two substances, to give us a holistic and balanced experience.

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Cibdol CBD Black Cumin Seed Oil 3% Review

Black seed oil is an extract of black cumin seeds, also referred to as the seeds of Nigella Sativa. The plant usually grows in the regions of southwest Asia, and the oil is used to preparing meals. Apart from its use in cooking, there are several other health advantages of using oil. The oil is useful in the treatment of diabetes, digestive disorders, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and headaches. It also helps to reduce inflammation and increases your body’s immune system. While there is not enough research on the use of black seed oil, there is sufficient proof of the health advantages of using black seed oil and its ability to improve our health.

How to Use Black Seed Oil?

There is no specific way of using black seed oil. You can take a teaspoon of the oil after every meal, add it to your food or drink, take the capsulized oil, apply it on your skin, or even inhale the smell of the oil. The appropriate dosage of the oil varies individually. However, it is advisable not to take more than three tablespoons of the oil in a day, to reduce the chance of the side effects of the oil occurring.

Cibdol CBD Black Cumin Seed Oil Review

This oil, just like all other CBD products, does not have artificial preservatives or added chemicals in them. It has been lab-tested to assure users of its purity and absence of bacteria and other contaminants. The product is a perfect blend of positive effects of CBD (like pain relief) and the seed oil.

Even though the cumin’s seeds have gone through similar advanced extraction methods as that of Cibdol’s CBD products, its quality is uncompromised. In a 10ml bottle of the oil, you have a 300mg of cannabidiol, which translates to a 3% CBD product.

Usage and Storage

Mix the content of the bottle thoroughly before use, and once you apply the oil on your tongue, wait for 60 seconds before you swallow. Don’t go more than 12 drops of the oil per day; use the oil three times in a day, and each time put up to 4 drops on your tongue. The product should be stored in a place free of moist, dark, and moderate temperature, and its content should be used within 90 days from the day it is opened.

AUTHOR Peter Kovac
PUBLISHED October 29, 2019
LAST UPDATE January 16, 2020