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Nordic Oil 500mg is a specially formulated, Full spectrum cannabidiol oil. Containing an abundant supply of different cannabinoids like CBDA, CBD, CBV, CBG, CBN, etc. Third-party Certified and 100% organic, Nordic oil is made from Pure hemp plant. To further ensure the quality of the oil, Nordic uses non-chemical CO2 extraction.

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Nordic Oil Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg Review

Each bottle holds about 250 drops of oil. Nordic oil is derived from purely organic and GMO-free hemp plants. Perfect for vegans and gluten-sensitive patients.

Let’s get to know the Nordic Oil company

If you are looking for a dependable supplier of top-quality CBD products, then Nordic oil is your perfect fit. Started as a Mini test project, it has grown, even beyond the expectation of the initiators. With a clear-cut mission to raise a tribe of educated people who understand the benefit of CBD for improved health and productivity, Nordic Oil is also poised to make sure it provides top-quality CBD products to its loyal customers.

Certified by the FSSC 22000, Nordic Oil has cleared all safety and management guidelines and is in sync with current safety standards and best practices.

Nordic Oil — for your cats and dogs

With eight different variants of CBD products to choose from like skincare, paste, capsules, mani-drops, oils, etc. The company always strives to invent the next newest thing, which is worth noting. And yes, pests are not left out, as the company also creates Nordic oils for cats and dogs. It is not a surprise that they offer Nordic oil to mammals as well since all mammals possess an endocannabinoid system that functions in the same pattern.

It is as easy as adding a couple of drops of CBD oil to your dogs’ diet to help it manage excessive barking and anxiety.

What do the lab results tell us?

We analyzed the lab results for Nordic Oil, and the results were revealing. To start with, Nordic Oil manufactures its products under strict regulated and certified conditions. It also ensures that third-party laboratory tests all its product batches.

Further probe revealed that the cannabinoid content was 5.28% of CBD, which was impressive. Other indicators showed the levels of phytocannabinoids to be below the threshold; at about less than 0.04%, CBG (cannabigerol) measured at 0.11%, which was safe because CBG is not a psychoactive compound (meaning it cannot cause any high effect when ingested).

However, pairing CBG with CBD may enhance the health benefits of CBD while also helping stabilize the endocannabinoid system. Other compounds that also enhance the effects of cannabinoids are terpenes, which was also present in the sample measured.

The lab test also examined for pesticide residue, in which the sample was checked for the presence of over 300 pesticide active agents; all the results showed the active agents were way below the limit, 0.002mg/k, which is a good result.

Nordic Oil at first glance

The package

The package arrived in a large paper box, which was an unusual cause the bottle only weighs less than a gram. When the contents of the box were unveiled, it contained not only the bottle of oil but also a leaflet and a brochure containing interesting facts about CBD and Nordic oil, a key ring, and a copy of the third-party lab test result. You can’t but give it to Nordic Oil for putting so much effort into their packaging. Contained in the leaflet and brochure where recommended dosages and list of factors that can alternate your dosing, the information will be beneficial if you’re new to CBD.

How it taste and smell

Nordic CBD oil came in a transparent bottle, which in our opinion, wasn’t the perfect choice because of the likelihood of it being subjected to oxidation if it exposed to sunlight. Also displayed on the bottle were the batch number of the oil and the maximum daily number of drops (29 drops), which will release 57mg of CBD. Nordic Oil suggests every newbie start with one drop, three times daily, and work your way up to two or even three drops daily if you fail to achieve your desired result. The company also advised users to place the oil under the tongue for at least one minute for proper assimilation. CBD oil is fat-soluble, meaning it will help to consume some fatty foods like cheese and butter, alongside administering the drop.

The oil is fluid and golden in color, and it has a pleasantly mild aroma. When it gets into your mouth, you can almost taste the bitter keen taste of Hemp inside the oil, which goes to show that it is unadulterated. But not to worry, as the taste is quick to dissipate in your mouth in a couple of seconds.

Notable use of Nordic Oil

Restorative yoga and CBD

One key attribute of CBD is its ability to maintain the body’s homeostasis. Which led us to test the oil on patients practicing yoga; they all testified of feeling calm, focused, and relaxed after using the oil. They were able to hold longer poses, built more strength and flexibility, all thanks to Nordic CBD Hemp oil.

Other patients who were given the oil before breakfast all claimed to have a smooth morning, and it also helped with meditation and build focus for the day’s task. This wasn’t a surprise to us because CBD triggers receptors in the endocannabinoid system, helping your brain access and maintain a meditative state effortlessly. Try Nordic CBD oil to improve your morning meditation and keep you focus throughout the day.

Real value for money

Nordic Oil is quite affordable for the value it provides in this product. We purchased the product at a 20% discount, which was worth every cent. Even at that, regular price is affordable, also if you’re on a tight budget. However, in a bid to build a long-lasting bond with its customers, Nordic oil always finds ways to reward its loyal customers, so you can catch one of its discounts either here on its official website. Just as we have mentioned before, when you purchase the product, you get a brochure and other helpful information on their website that will help you learn about the product and CBD. Buying Nordic oil, not only means you get the best premium CBD oil, but you also get exposed to quality CBD education every time.

Product Summary

  • Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • Perfect for vegan and Patients who are Gluten tolerant
  • GMO-free
  • Organically Grown
  • Contains 500mg in one bottle
  • Gives you 2mg of CBD/drop
AUTHOR Peter Kovac
PUBLISHED December 9, 2019
LAST UPDATE January 21, 2020